Copy Editing

  • Our copy editing process consists of: Checking and double checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, figures, consistency, and layout.
  • The structure of the document is improved, so that it is logical, clear and easy to follow.
  • We may advise and consult with you about the content, the intended meaning and aims.
  • Documents with redundancies are condensed.
  • The style is improved to achieve consistency and appropriateness of tone.

If you have existing copy which needs updating, re-branding or a new lease on life, we can do just that!

We are more than happy to write on a variety of subjects. Our team has knowledge in a wide range of topics. Please contact us to find out more.

You can specify the type of feedback you prefer. In every case we aim for clarity, while maintaining the integrity of your original expression and unique writing voice.

We offer you professional quality at half the cost of most "professional" editing firms.

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What you write says
a lot about you and
your business ...
The way it's written
says a great deal more ...
-John Webber