Q: Do you do corporate websites? We need help projecting the right image.
A: We've written corporate web content and in each case, following interviews and an initial draft, the desired corporate image and voice emerged. One of the unique ways we help you define and find your voice and image is to research other web sites that have a voice and image that is similar to what you are striving for acheive.

Q: I notice you don't have experience in my industry. How will you be able to write my copy?
A: We're accomplished researchers and love to learn and write about new things. Since we began writing, we've discovered more than we could have ever imagined about re-financing, catering, luxury home builders, and vinyl siding and replacement windows, to mention a few! To answer your question, we'll write your copy the same way we write ALL of copy--We learn as much as we can about your business and industry, find out who your audience is and what they want. And then we begin the writing process!

Q: Our corporation needs additional content. If we provide you with an outline of what we're looking for, can you develop original content?
A: Yes. One of our specialties is developing original content based on an outline. We'll make sure the voice and style fits with your existing content. And of course we'll make sure it's keyword-rich and optimized for the search engines.

Q: Do you do brochures, flyers and letters for direct mail?
A: Yes, but typically, we do content only! We aren't designers, although we do think visually and have a good sense of what looks good and what doesn't with respect to color and placement of graphics. We also know some exceptional graphic designers. We can work with the designer, so you only have to deal with one vendor.

Q: Why don't you give prices for different projects? Why do you only list estimated ranges for various jobs?
A: Well, every job is different. The per page fees listed on the site are for copywriting services only. For example, it costs much less to create web content when you know your market and competition, have a complete outline, and know what you're looking for. If we have to research those things, and help you define your niche or audience, the project will be more involved--and more costly.

Q: Do you think we should use testimonials in our print pieces?
A: Absolutely. The great thing about testimonials is that it's not you praising your own virtues, but someone else doing it for you! There is nothing more powerful that an endorsement from a happy client, especially if they are willing to share their contact information with you. It doesn't get any better than that!

Q: Can you collect testimonials that we can use in our collateral?
A: Yes. We charge $50 for each testimonial. You supply us with the names and contact information for each customer you want us to interview. Next, we'll prepare a short list of questions and get in touch with your customers. If the interviews take place by phone, we will tape record the calls with your customers' permission. Then, we prepare the testimonial and send it back to your customer for their approval. Once they've signed off on it, it's yours to use however you'd like.

Q: Do you do other creative stuff-like concept creation, taglines, slogans, company names and domain names? A: Yes, we'll help you develop business names with matching domain names; come up with taglines and concepts that communicate your message succinctly; and anything else related to business and words. We do require a 1-hour, or $50 minimum engagement.

Q: What if I don't like your work?
A: We guarantee you will like what we do for you. It is quite rare to ever have a problem because of the time we spend researching and asking questions beforehand. If for some reason we miss the mark on the first draft our fees include revisions within the scope of the original project, if you're unhappy with our work then you don't pay.

Q: How do we get started? A: Send me the details of your project through the Request a Quote form. Then email us any backup documentation you have. Or, pick up the phone and give me a call. We'll discuss your project. We'll give you a quote. If the quote is within your budget, the process begins.

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